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due adj
1 owed and payable immediately or on demand; "payment is due" [syn: owed] [ant: undue]
2 proper and appropriate; fitting; "richly deserved punishment"; "due esteem" [syn: deserved]
3 scheduled to arrive; "the train is due in 15 minutes" [syn: due(p)]
4 suitable to or expected in the circumstances; "all due respect"; "due cause to honor them"; "a long due promotion"; "in due course" [ant: undue]
5 reasonable in the circumstances; "gave my comments due consideration"; "exercising due care"


1 that which is deserved or owed; "give the devil his due"
2 a payment that is due (e.g., as the price of membership); "the society dropped him for non-payment of dues" adv : directly or exactly; straight; "went due North"

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, due, past participle of devoir, to owe


  • a UK: /djuː/, /dju:/
  • a US: , /du/, /du/
  • Rhymes with: -uː



  1. Of a payment, to be made by the stated time.
    Payment is due in ten days.
  2. Of an event, supposed to occur at the stated time.
    Rain is due this afternoon.
  3. Of public transport, supposed to arrive at the stated time.
    The train is due in five minutes.
  4. Of a baby, expected to be born at the stated time.
    When is your baby due?
  5. Of a pregnant woman, due to give birth on the stated date.
    When are you due?



of a payment, to be made by the stated time
of an event, supposed to occur at the stated time
of public transport, supposed to arrive at the stated time
of a baby, expected to be born at the stated time
of a pregnant woman, due to give birth on the stated date


  1. italbrac used with compass directions Directly or exactly.
    due north


used with compass directions: directly or exactly
  • Portuguese: exatamente


  1. Deserved acknowledgment.
    Give him his due — he is a good actor.
  2. (in plural dues) A membership fee.

Derived terms


deserved acknowledgement



due (plural duer)



  1. feminine singular of



  • [ˈdue]


Latin duo

Cardinal number

due (invariable)


due (plural due)

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according to Hoyle, accountable, accounts payable, accounts receivable, acknowledgment, adequate, alleged, amount due, ample, anticipated, appropriate, appurtenance, arrearage, arrears, ascribable, assignable, attributable, attributed, authority, awaited, back, bad debts, balanced, barely sufficient, bill, bills, birthright, borrowing, charged, charges, chits, claim, cognizance, comeuppance, coming, coming to, commensurate, compensation, competent, condign, conjugal right, correct, corresponding, credit, credited, crediting, dead, dead ahead, debt, decent, decorous, defensible, demand, derivable from, derivational, derivative, deserts, deserved, deserving, direct, directly, divine right, droit, due north, dueness, dues, earned, enough, entitled to, entitlement, equal to, equitable, even, evenhanded, expected, explicable, faculty, fair, fair and square, financial commitment, fit, fitting, floating debt, foreseen, forthright, funded debt, good, good enough, guerdon, hoped-for, imminent, imputable, imputed, in a beeline, in arrear, in arrears, in line with, in prospect, in view, inalienable right, indebtedness, indebtment, interest, just, justifiable, justified, kosher, lawful, legal, level, liability, long-expected, lust, mature, maturity, meet, meet and right, merit, merited, meriting, meritorious, minimal, minimum, national debt, natural right, need, nice, normal, normative, obligation, on the horizon, outstanding, outstanding debt, overdue, owed, owing, payable, payment, pledge, plenty, plenty good enough, power, prerogative, prescription, presumed, presumptive right, pretense, pretension, probable, promised, proper, proper claim, property right, proportionate, prospective, public debt, putative, receivable, recognition, recompense, recompensing, redeemable, referable, referred to, repayment, reprisal, requisite, retaliation, retribution, revenge, reward, right, right and proper, righteous, rightful, rights, satisfaction, satisfactory, score, seemly, square, straight, straight across, straight ahead, straightforward, straightforwards, straightly, substantial, sufficient, sufficient for, sufficing, suitable, title, traceable, uncollectibles, undeviatingly, unfulfilled pledge, unpaid, unsettled, unswervingly, unveeringly, up to, vengeance, vested interest, vested right, warrantable, warranted, what is owing, worthy of
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